Our First Kickstarter

Our First Kickstarter

There are two reasons we are running a Kickstarter.

Number one, I want to share Copernia with you. This campaign world and the adventure modules I have written have been ongoing for more than forty years. You learn a lot about world-building and game design in forty years, and you amass a considerable amount of material. My children have been pushing me to publish this stuff for years. The six of them range in age from 8 to 28, and the oldest three have evolved from players to contributors, running their games in Copernia. You could play in this world for years and never repeat an adventure. Our writing style and information presentation set a new bar for Game Master support and lead to a more immersive experience for the players.

I also want to support and contribute to the resurgence in popularity of role-playing games and Dungeons and Dragons specifically. I firmly believe that role-playing games help develop creative thought, critical thinking, and interpersonal social and communication skills. In an age where so much communication is digital and virtual, bringing people back to face-to-face interaction is critical.

The second reason we are running a Kickstarter is, quite frankly, financial. Producing a quality product is not cheap. I could easily publish digital, plain text versions with very low overhead and declare victory. What initially drew me into D&D was reading the Core Books. I loved flipping through those pages whenever and wherever I wanted, often with a flashlight under the covers on a school night. I used the pictures and illustrations in those first core books to frame the characters and creations in my imagination. Quality printing is a serious investment. Good art is as important as good writing, and art is not cheap. We have taken this a step forward. Our digital editions will incorporate dramatic monologues from NPC's recorded by professional voice actors. The sample on the EastCoastTrolls home page resulted from 39 different auditions and multiple takes by Mike, the voice of William of Atterly. And guess what, voice actors are not cheap either. Finally, I believe that once you get a taste of Copernia, you will be anxious for more. This entire endeavor is very time-consuming, with hundreds of hours already invested. It also has an increasing level of overhead. The Kickstarter is critical to proving that there is a market for East Coast Trolls publications.

Our success in Kickstarter will drive both the team's business and personal decisions to bring you more of this grand adventure. I sincerely hope you decide to become a "Troll," join our community, and help us roll a natural 20!


Tom Connell

GM& Creative Director

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