East Coast Trolls Web Badges/Roles

As you've wondered around the site I'm sure you've seen the members page. (if not go check it out)

You may have noticed under some members are Badges/Roles and wondered what are these?

Well, let me tell you. By interacting within the community, you to can earn roles. Some badges tell you about the members in question like our "Artist" Badge and "Contributor" Badge. These are given to members who have contributed in an official capacity to Copernia. Some tell you the Role the Member Holds Like the "Bridge Keeper".

Others are given when you have achieved something on the Site like the "First Contact" Badge which you get by posting in the forms for the first time. Or the "Note Taker" which is rewarded to those with 2+ Blog posts. You can even earn a badge on this post. Just comment on which class you claim! See below for a List of Badges and how to earn them. I will update the list as much as possible.