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Who are the East Coast Trolls? 

We’re a family-centered creative team, and small publishing house focused on bringing you a new campaign world and series of adventures that started out around our dining room table more than 40 years ago. Play tested by four generations, our campaign has been run using mechanics from the original AD&D through 5 edition.

Our Website, social media presence, blogs, chat groups, and most importantly, our campaign World and adventures are family-friendly, written for both brand new and veteran players alike. From middle school to midlife crisis, we’ve got you covered. And this is an important point; family-friendly does not mean watered-down content!  We have been deep world-building for decades. Think of our content as a painting. If your new, it's paint by numbers; if you’re a hard-core RPG veteran, it’s a color pallet with hundreds of options. Like the best RPG adventures, it will go where you want it to take you.



"The Writer"
:  Vadim Shevchenko

The World of Copernia

Many campaign settings are just that, a setting, a framework that contains some admittedly cool components. New races, classes & subclasses, magic items, weapons, spells, monsters, some cool maps, and a new mechanic or two thrown in for good measure. These are the typical contents you expect to find when you open a new book. Before you ask, yes, we have all that and more.


Unlike other writers, we also have an itch that needs to be scratched that drives editors mad. You know the two-year-old that asks “Why” in response to every statement? That’s us. We approach the creation of a campaign setting the way Tolkien approached the creation of Middle Earth. It’s called deep world-building. World-building is so much more than just a framing device; it is the very essence of any good fantasy and sets up a rich, immersive experience for players. Geography, Climate, Flora, Fauna, Religion, Lore, Politics, Social Customs, History… the list goes on and on.

Copernia Cover Layout Draft3.jpg

Copernia Campaign World Cover Art. 

Artist  Liu Zishan

The Oakhaven Anthologies

Copernia provides you with the grand setting, but your adventures are going to center around Oakhaven. The Oakhaven Anthologies is the first volume in the Companions of Copernia. Like its companion book, it stands alone but is just the first part of a much longer story. This volume contains 20 adventurers spanning five story arcs designed to bring your party from level one to level eight.


The series was specifically designed for both new and experienced game masters. We believe the level of detail provided in the storyline, setting, and GM’s notes set a new bar making Oakhaven an easy entry into the imaginative world of role-playing games. At the same time, our “deep world creation” approach presents a rich palette for the use of the experienced gamer. Oakhaven will re-spark your excitement for the world’s greatest role-playing game, whether you are in middle school or middle age.

Oakhaven Cover Layout Draft YMCK 6.4.213

Oakhaven Cover Art
Illustrator:  Adrian Cuevas


In the old day’s adventurers were called “dungeon modules.” They were basic descriptions and outlines in 25-page booklets that would run you less than 5 dollars. Today a D&D Adventure has a cover price closer to 50 dollars; the good ones are 2-300 pages and are filled in far more detail. However, many of today’s books share one thing in common with their predecessors; once you have played it through, it becomes just another cool book in your collection. Our goal is to provide you with more than a one-hit-wonder. Oakhaven is a Campaign Anthology. The first volume is designed to get your characters from level 1 to level 8. Each of the five-story arcs has between 3 and 5 episodes with advancement guidelines for using milestones or experience points. Each of the episodes represents 5-10 hours of game time depending on the players' actions and the discretion of the game master.  The best part is that all the episodes tie into the main storyline, but you don’t have to play them all to advance. Your character's decisions can lead you in any number of different directions. This means you can play in Oakhaven again; with new characters, new players, or a mix of both, there is always something new to discover.

ninfa melo colorsketch.jpg

Illustrator:  Diletta DeSantis

Publishing Media

We are offering Kickstarter rewards in both print and digital formats.  Our print editions will be produced at the highest quality. We expect the books to be used a lot! Remember, we want you to come back for more in the future, so making sure you're happy is our top priority. Our digital editions will be made available in multiple formats from PDF for print to Desktop and Mobile options leveraging Adobes Digital Publishing Suite. If you pledge at the digital level or at the print level, all the formats we ultimately support will be available to you.

Digital allows us to incorporate some very unique features. It can be a lot of fun to watch seasoned players and professional voice actors play on social media but trying to capture some of that magic can also be very frustrating.  So your GM doesn’t have a dozen accents in his back pocket, no problem. We have incorporated Dramatic Monologues recorded by professional voice artists for many of the NPC’s and main characters in the Oakhaven Anthologies.  Read it, act it out, or click on a button to hear it; it's always your choice.


"The Voice Actor"
Illustrator:  Vadim Shevchenko

Best Artists on the Planet

We have been privileged to have been introduced to, worked with, and become friends with some truly incredible artists, and our family is still growing!  From Washington State to Volgograd Russia, Pennsylvania to Yogyakarta Indonesia, Turin Italy, Barcelona Spain,  Dublin Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Brazil, our artists have made us a truly global community.

Our books highlight artists and their fantastical varying styles by bringing in both known and new talent to help highlight the work of fellow players who love raiding dungeons and taking on dragons as much as we do. In our books, you'll find different styles of fantasy art, all connected by the characters and lore.  

Copernia and Oakhaven each have 145 illustrations, 50 are licensed, 95 are original commissioned works of art exclusive to East Coast Trolls.  You may be thinking, "is that a lot?"  For comparison, "Water Deep" has 54, and the 5E player's handbook has 144, so yeah, that's a lot!  But we're not done.  Check out our Art Enhancement stretch goal below.  If you help us to meet that goal, we will add 52 more originals, and our page count will start to near 300!

The Artist Cropped 4MP.png

"The Artist"
Illustrator:  Vadim Shevchenko

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