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In 1981 a group of stalwart adventures left the pages of the World of Greyhawk® and the Slave Pits of the Undercity© for a new world called Copernia™    Over the next forty years, adventurers explored its depths through five editions of the world's greatest role-playing game.  Today it has been optimized for the fifth edition.

The adventures we create, like those found in the Oakhaven Anthologies, are High Fantasy.  High fantasy requires a finely detailed world in which you can immerse yourself.  We were inspired to build a world in the fashion of The Hobbit, Beowulf, and The Odyssey.  Copernia is that world. 

republic copernia crest fix 4.png

The Great Seal of the Republic of Copernia

Artist  Andreas Damas

We know that's a very high bar, but we agree with Tolkien's essay/lecture "On Fairy-Stories." He said a fantasy world must have "the inner consistency of reality," something that goes beyond imagination.  We hope we can come close to delivering on the level of those that inspired us.

As we prepare for publication, we want to share the process with you, our community of "Trolls." From here, you can open the pages of Copernia and get sneak peeks into its content.  We will also open the pages of the Oakhaven Anthologies to you.  This page is your jumping-off point.  This is a brand new page so please be patient as we build it out.  We will be adding new material regularly, so check back often.


Welcome to our world!

Campaign World Vol 1.

Copernia Vol One starts with the creation story introducing the pantheon of Copernian gods.  Gods are usually too busy to interfere directly in the affair of mortals but that doesn’t stop their followers from trying to change both the course of history and the path of creation itself.  The history of the origin of magic introduces new classes and subclasses including the Primordial Mage, the Weaver, and the Kaliratsa.  We have added a few new approaches to the use of magic and developed a number of new spells and cantrips that add both capability and depth to the new classes.    


Spoken language was a gift to mortals creatures from Samiarush, The Watcher.  The original Old Copernian contained the sounds and rhythms that opened the door to manipulation of those forces known as Kæ, which roughly translates to "The Will" or as we know it, magic.  Vol 1 includes a basic primer in both Old and Modern Copernian covering the alphabet and pronunciation  

Copernia Cover Layout Draft3.jpg

Copernia Campaign World Cover Art. 

Artist  Liu Zishan


Glenn MacKinnon:  Publican - Owner of the Green Dragon

Artist  Hunter Wallraff


Kaliratsa:  The Witches of Copernia. 

Common: cally-ra-sa

Copernian:  Kaluc

(oc) Kade-aa-lair-aa-cea     (mc) kā-lir-ă-tsa

Artist  Warm Tail

Heilaturs. Transparent. Compressed. Modi

Heila Turs:  The Righteous Riders

(oc) hushd-eo-eye-lair-aa  |  ta-ā-ra-sha    

(mc) Hu yo eye lir aa |  tă ă rr sha

Artist  digitalstormcinema 


Life on Copernia is not just the result of the current creation.  The gods were able to ensure some of their favorites survived the last cascade.  An entire taxonomy of life on Copernia is outlined, including the varied species that make up PC’s and NPC’s, foes, monsters, and antagonists. 


Orcs are completely reimagined.  The Orcs of Copernia are a warrior-hunter race divided into matriarchal clans.  Their attunement to the land and a greater intelligence makes them very dangerous foes or powerful allies.  And then, of course, there is our namesake, Trolls.  These are not your typical 5E trolls or those of any other edition, for that matter.  Not only have we given new life to this traditional foe, but we have also added the Half-Troll, which has been designed for use as both NPC and PC!   You will find unique respins of many of the traditional races.  Halflings, elves, dwarves, gnomes all have characteristics that are unique to Copernia.  Races of later editions also have a home here.  The Dragonborn and Tiefling are allies of convenience, holding together the vestiges of their once-great empire.  Copernia is a diverse world with countless races, some so rare as to still be undiscovered, so there is room for you to introduce your own homebrew or material outside of the core rule books.  

You will find the history of the Copernian Republic, as well as detailed information on the history, conflicts, lore, currency, culture, and societies of many races.  Towns, Cities, Nomadic Communities are brought to life as each comes with its own unique history.  However, Copernia is a big place.  The information provided has been designed to complement the Oakhaven Anthologies and, as such, focuses on a few thousand square miles around the trading town of Oakhaven.  

We have taken a nurture, not nature approach to alignment and introduced a bit of ambiguity to make the storyline's gameplay more interesting.  After all, what one being thinks is good or evil may depend on its perspective.  Looming over all of this is the Cascade, the event that redefines creation or ends it.  Some factions want to hasten it; others delay it; still, others want to let the course of time flow as it should.  Wars are being fought over this, some in the open, others in the shadows.  Where will you and your companions fall? 

Copernia Vol One is planned for more than 250 pages with the following chapter listing  (pending editorial changes).

  • Creation & Ancient History

  • The Pantheon

  • The World of Copernia

  • The History and Working of Magic

  • Life on Copernia, Part One

  • Races

  • Kingdoms, Empires, Republics, and Factions

  • Monsters & Adversaries

  • Classes, Skills, & Feats

  • Magic Items

  • Travel and Adventuring in Copernia

  • Maps

  • Building your own Campaign in Copernia

  • Index