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Community Developed Material

Role-Playing is all about expressing your imagination, and creativity.  All of the books, guides, manuals, and supplements published for almost fifty years have established a massive framework, on the foundation created by Gary Gygax and David Arneson.  It is within this framework that your character, your adventure, and your world exist, and it all exists to help you tell your story!  The World of Copernia™ the town and region surrounding Oakhaven™ and the characters that live there are no different.  They were created to provide your characters and unique creations a new and exciting place to grow with no boundaries other than those in your own imagination. 

East Coast Trolls Responsibility

Unfortunately, in this day and age, we have to address legal stuff.  

East Coast Trolls will make as much “Copernia” and “Oakhaven” material available as "Open Game Content" as possible while still retaining full rights to "Product Identity" such as trademarks, proprietary setting and character information, and other Intellectual Property as East Coast Trolls™ deems necessary. 

The settings and adventures developed by East Coast Trolls use that framework we just talked about, mechanics and rules from what many of us view as the greatest role-playing game in history.  In order to do this our material is developed under the terms of the Open Gaming License (OGL) Version 1.0a issued by Wizards of the Coast® referencing or using permissible content in the accompanying System Reference Document 5.1 (“SRD5”). 

If you want to read the Open Gaming License (OGL) Version 1.0a you can find a PDF on our website HERE or you can read it on the Wizards of the Coast website HERE.

If you want to read the System Reference Document 5.1 you can find a PDF on our website HERE or you can read it on the Wizards of the Coast website HERE.

Because we are using the OGL, the material East Coast Trolls develops leveraging the SRD framework is also subject to the OGL unless we explicitly say it does not.  And we are cool with that.  Confused yet?  Here is the simplified breakdown.  The Copernia Campaign Setting and Oakhaven Anthologies can be used by you as a framework to develop new cool and imaginative content but some of our stuff can only be used with our permission.

Your Responsibility

So, you want to be a Troll!  That is awesome!  We cannot wait to see what you come up with.  However, if you publish anything to this website, or using any other forum or media, it must be released under the open game license.  That way other people can benefit from your stuff the same way you benefit from our stuff.  Don’t worry you can still specify certain parts of your Copernia related creations as “Product Identity” and retain the full copyright. 

Do not assume that everything published on this website or in our books and digital publications is "Open Game Content" as defined in the Open Game License above.  Some things will be claimed as “Product Identity” or “Intellectual Property” by East Coast Trolls.  You can find an updated list of those things East Coast Trolls claims as product identity HERE. 

If you want permission to use some of the Product Identity or Intellectual Property of East Coast Trolls please write to Tom Connell, GM & Creative Director, at

If you do publish or distribute any of our stuff under the OGL please reference this website, including its URL (, as the source of material within the text of your work.  Also include the statement “Original content and game mechanics for the Copernia Campaign Setting™ is copyright 1982 to 2020 by TWConnell and is available for use under the Open Game License.  East Coast Trolls and it’s logos are trademarks of EastCoastTrolls LLC.

Yes, we are repeating ourselves, because it's important!

Be creative! Develop away and have fun with your friends!  However, remember some of our stuff is developed under the OGL and SRD published by Wizards of the Coast® so before you publish or distribute anything make sure you read and understand those documents. 

Do not assume that everything published on this website is "Open Game Content" as defined in the Open Game License above. And please be sure you understand the terms of the Open Game License, and the differences between Open Game Content and Product Identity, and also the rights and responsibilities you have under the OGL before you use any material here to create your own Copernia material.

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